Insightful Information About Our Custom
Cabinetry Materials

Custom Cabinetry by KDC believes in transparency and providing our customers with all the information they need to make informed decisions. Our team is happy to share valuable insights about our custom cabinetry materials. From the durability of different wood types to the diverse range of stains available, we help set your expectations and guide you toward the perfect choice for your project.

Characteristics of Wood Types

Embrace the authentic beauty of wood and its unique qualities. Every piece is distinct, from a rich spectrum of colors, including white, red, brown, green, and even black, to the captivating variations in grain patterns. Solid wood panels naturally expand and contract as a response to humidity changes. These characteristics are what make wood truly beautiful and full of character.

Hickory and Rustic Hickory

This type of wood is a robust and striking hardwood renowned for its exceptional and unpredictable grain patterns. With a delightful array of colors and streaks ranging from pure whites to deep browns, each door panel tells a captivating story. These exaggerated characteristics are expected and desirable, adding allure and desirability to hickory cabinetry.


Maple is a charming close-grained hardwood boasting a delightful white to creamy-white shade, occasionally adorned with hints of reddish-brown. Its smooth and uniform grain pattern exudes elegance. Mineral streaks and tiny bird pecks may also appear, adding character and distinction when stained.

Oak, Rustic Oak and Quartersawn White Oak 

This hearty hardwood features a robust and open grain that spans a range of colors, from white to pink to rich red tones. Green, yellow, and black streaks caused by mineral deposits may also appear on the wood. Oak’s prominent grain pattern and varying texture, from a tight, straight grain to a captivating arched pattern, add character and charm to any space.

Quartersawn white oak is a tight, straight grain wood that lends itself stunningly to light and neutral stains. Quartersawn white oak is darker than red oak due to the mix of browns and tans. “Quarter-sawn” refers to the way the wood is cut, at a 45 degree angle to the radius of the tree’s rings. This type of cut results in a tighter, more consistent grain pattern with dramatic rays or flecks across the grain.  


Our wood stains are tailor-made for your unique style. With a diverse range of hues and tones, our exclusive paints offer endless possibilities. Our in-house wood stain matching system ensures quick and precise customization for your desired colors.


Elevate your custom cabinetry with our profile glazes, which are available for wood finishes and stains. Our options add a touch of sophistication to any design.

Important Note

The natural characteristics of wood and variations in its grain patterns and color are not seen as defects but rather as the captivating essence of the custom cabinetry material. When choosing our available rustic wood species, you can expect the same characteristics as the clear versions, with the addition of some quirks like:

  • Sound closed knots (not movable) up to 3″ in diameter.
  • Sound knot with cracks up to approximately 1″ in length.
  • Knot cluster (cluster of tight sound knots).
  • Worm holes or pinholes.
  • Worm tracks in sizes up to approximately 1/8″ wide by 8″ long.

Please note that these characteristics are exclusive to cabinet doors and are not considered defects in the material or workmanship.